1. I am already pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree in India. Can I still apply for an international internship?
Yes, so long as you provide a letter from the head of your institution in India allowing you to take up your proposed internship.

2. Are host institutions for a Master’s degree abroad restricted to those in certain countries?
No, there is no restriction, but your host institution must have a track record of excellence in the discipline of your proposed Master’s degree.

3. What is the age restriction for applicants?
The age restriction for the Ravi Shankaran Fellowship Program is the same as that for the regular Inlaks Scholarships, which is that you must ordinarily be below 30 years of age in the year of application.

4. Are applications accepted by email or in other electronic form?
Internship and Small Grants applications are to be emailed. However, Master’s Abroad applications must be completed, printed and sent in hard copy to the Inlaks Foundation office in Mumbai. Please refer to the How to Apply page for further details.